Understanding Network Security

Transfer of data in a business system often takes place with the help of the digital medium. In such a scenario security of this data remains at the prime focus of all the organizations. Cryptography here plays a pivotal role in maintaining the safety of the transferred data. Let us explore the in and out of this technique of core importance.

What is cryptography?
Cryptography is the method to hide the information with the use of microdots, image-word merging, or with some other ways. In technical arena, it can be termed as scrambling plain text into an encrypted form, usually called Ciphertext, then again to convert it into decrypted format known as Cleartext. This process of encoding and decoding is called cryptography and people practicing this field are known as cryptographers.

What are the Objectives of Cryptography?

Modern cryptography follows the below objectives-
1. Confidentiality- anyone who is out of the circle cannot understand the information between the sender and receiver.
2. Integrity- no alteration is possible once the message is released.
3. Authentication- information, and sources in the cryptography system are purely authentic. Both sender and receiver can identify each other and origin or destination of the information.
4. Non-repudiation- none of the sender or receivers can step back of the message at a later stage.
5. Access control- only authorized people can access the confidential data.

To fulfill the above objectives the following formats of cryptography are practiced-

1. Symmetric cryptography- also known as secret key cryptography, it is a method in which both sender and receiver share the same secret code and key for encryption and decryption. This technique is useful if you are communicating with a limited number of people, however, it is not much useful for mass communication.
2. Asymmetric cryptography- this is also known as public key cryptography in which, separate keys are used for encryption and decryption. This is useful for key exchange and digital signatures such as RSA, digital signature algorithm, public-key cryptography standard etc.
3. Message-digest- in this, a hash function is used to permanently encrypt the data. This is also called one-way encryption.

Cryptography protects the network resources against alteration, destruction, and their unauthorized use. They secure the network system, IT assets, and the confidential data. In today’s scenario, it has become quite easy to alter or restrain the data and information. Theft of confidential information is again a discomforting phenomenon.

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How To Choose IT Company

When the right questions are asked as you select the best IT support company, you will have greater ease during the whole process. It is essential that you cover all the areas that may worry you so as to ensure that services are professionally and timely delivered. There are some points that are worth some considerations before an IT support company is appointed and they include:


This is a very easy method, especially when you know of someone who has used services from the company in the past and had a great experience. A testimonial may not be able to guarantee that the services that you receive will be similar to those of the past. However, it is much better to use this path as opposed to choosing a company randomly.

The physical address of the company

A company with a good reputation always has a physical address where their main business is operating in. It is important to exercise caution and don’t trust anyone working from home. When you know a physical address, you will breathe easy as you know they will still be around even after the job is completed. When a business gets a fixed and professional premises, it shows just how committed the company is and that’s why they take some time to invest in their infrastructure that can have senior staff as well as technical support.

Web site

You need to take your time to go through the IT services website so as to get a feel of how professional they really are. This is the place where you will find all the services that they offer as well as their contact details in case you need it. Customer feedback and testimonials is something that you should look at too.

Pricing is just one of the factors worth considering

It is a good thing if you do find a great bargain deal. However, it is important to note that you always get that which you pay for and this is very true where IT companies are concerned. Smaller companies that are home based may be able to offer low prices but are you sure that the services will be worth it? You should look at what your company would lose from not getting the important services against what the IT Company is offering at a price for services. Usually, bigger companies with more staff working under them charge much more as compared to the small companies.

Number of senior staff

Support is very important for any company. For an IT company, there are lots of technicalities that need to be handled. When there are lots of people working for the company, you can have the same guy assigned to handle your issues all the time and this comes with lots of advantages. The technician will be able to understand the network as well as the software setup and so noting exactly where the problem lies after he fixes the first time becomes very easy. This means you get faster services than would have been possible if you are assigned a new person every time.

The world has become highly computerized and this is why we need IT support from time to time to handle some of the technicalities that require an expert’s hand. Look at the services you require and match them up with what a company has to offer and you will be on your way to achieving great heights.